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Leah Barret Precarious Podcast Stage 4 metastatic breast and ovarian cancer

Join Leah Barrett, a trained psychotherapist, metastatic cancer thriver, and author of The Precarious Podcast, as she shares her struggles of living out loud with what time she has left. Leah played by the rules and struggled for a sense of control and security after a challenging childhood. She believed working hard and striving to be a good person would keep life's precarious nature at bay. Therefore, when diagnosed with advanced ovarian and breast cancer at 46, she was filled with uncertainty and fear. We invite you to join her as she unfolds her journey to find acceptance through interviews with the people whose stories helped her embrace the common humanity and beauty of the struggle.

"In the meantime, remember, love is all that matters. Be true to yourself and kind to others. Living a WIDE lie is more important than a LONG life". Love, Leah

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