Our Values

We believe in putting your purchasing power to work; therefore, we invest 20% of our profits to support local and international organizations striving to improve health outcomes for those experiencing cancer or other chronic illnesses.

Please refer to our Partner Dashboard for a comprehensive list of our current giving projects. We invite you to join us to make a difference in areas that resonate with your healing journey.

Wherever possible we source eco-friendly products from local businesses.

We believe in science. Our products are selected with scientifically backed research in mind versus a quick sale. To assist our customers in having agency in their healing we provide links to research throughout our website. We encourage you to explore the information where provided.

Diversity is important to us. We strive to serve the LGBTQ+ and communities of color and are working to continually improve our offerings to be all inclusive. We welcome input and suggestions. It is our dream to one day offer a Spanish language option for the website.

Deanna's Story

Welcome to Soul Agency

My breast cancer journey started at age 45. I was a wife, a mother of three rambunctious boys and had a career in bioscience. Treatment spanned 9 surgeries, 5 months of chemotherapy and 30 cycles of radiation.

My life and the lives of the people I love were deeply affected, emotionally, physically and financially.

The road to recovery was long, but not without learning, inspiration and growth. I’m writing to you from the other side, cancer-free and ready to make a difference.

I created Soul Agency to share the experiences and products that helped me during my journey. Healing goes beyond the hospital system, and my background in science came in handy when I used integrative research to inform my own recovery choices. Soul Agency is pleased to share that data with you here and has partnered with a host of amazing business owners, foundations and providers to connect you with tangible resources to help you heal.

Why not start a nonprofit? There are a number of cancer and health foundations doing remarkable work in our community already. Soul Agency’s mission is to collaborate with and help fund these organizations through direct donations.

Family, friends and allies, I know when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it can be terrifying and overwhelming. Cancer is a mental obstacle course of survival for all of us, not just the one with the diagnosis. Step one is normalizing the condition to remove stigma and shame. Step two is where Soul Agency can help: providing new and fun ways to productively address these issues. We’re here to make the process of offering support simpler and more impactful through our Soul Agency giving registry, which allows those affected to advocate for what they most need on their healing path.

I hope you find something that speaks to your soul here.