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Love Flow Energy Transmission Virtual Session

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During a Virtual Love Flow Energy Transmission session, you are cradled in unconditional love, which causes a gentle letting go and surrender to love’s transformative power. Alana is guided by a team of inner plane healers and angels, and by the recipient’s Soul, all whom participate in the process.  For each session, you are asked to set an intention for support, which can be mental/emotional, physical, or spiritual in focus.  There is nothing “standardized” about these sessions: each one uniquely unfolds to help you take your next step on your self-discovery and healing journey. Examples of things that may occur include: emotional balance restored; inner conflicts resolved; chakras opened, cleansed, and balanced; past trauma released and healed; misperceptions dissolved; soul relationship deepened.  In cases of serious illness, cancer, or surgery, Love Flow Transmissions can significantly help the body to recover from the stresses of illness and treatment, and to regain vital life force, strength, and balance. This work also identifies and releases many of the underlying causes of illness and related life challenges. Spirit’s response invariably surpasses your request as love and grace flow in perfect measure to where transformation is ready to unfold. Love Flow sessions will fill you with deep gratitude and wonder for all that is given!  

Alana Marie Davis
Alana has a master degree in Transpersonal and Counseling Psychology. For the past three decades she has trained extensively in the spiritual science of energy healing through partnership with inner plane healers and angels. This training occurred interwoven with her own healing and awakening journey, so Alana has herself walked this path and understands its stages, its challenges, and opportunities. She truly knows that we are not alone on our life path, and she has skills that open gateways to directly access the abundance of unconditional love and healing available to all. 

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