Our Values

We believe in putting your purchasing power to work; therefore, we invest 10% of our profits to support local and international organizations striving to improve health outcomes for those experiencing cancer or other chronic illnesses.

Please refer to our Partner Dashboard for a comprehensive list of our current giving projects. We invite you to join us to make a difference in areas that resonate with your healing journey.

Wherever possible we source eco-friendly products from local businesses.

We believe in science. Our products are selected with scientifically backed research in mind versus a quick sale. To assist our customers in having agency in their healing we provide links to research throughout our website. We encourage you to explore the information where provided.

Diversity is important to us. We strive to serve the LGBTQ+ and communities of color and are working to continually improve our offerings to be all inclusive. We welcome input and suggestions. It is our dream to one day offer a Spanish language option for the website.